The New Digital

A music controller

We don’t view the warmth of analog music through vinyl and CDs as mere nostalgia; instead, the shift towards digital has transformed our listening habits and cultural experiences. Motivated by the desire to enhance the music experience through tactile interaction, our project aims to merge analog warmth with digital versatility in a new music player design, bringing music’s physical presence back into our homes.

The result is a sleek, sculptural music system that lets you play your favourite albums without the need for your phone. Our design enhances the listening experience through intuitive controls and a physical presence that promotes focused and immersive engagement as a centerpiece in the living area. The system consists of modular components: a main control hub, a base, a stand, a speaker, and more that can be added later. Each module is designed to make a statement individually, yet functions cohesively when combined.

Project info
Alexander Bou
Jacob Enger