An altruistic approach to material

The outcome of an explorative process in materiality and expression: A single source birch display-shelf on cast aluminium wheels. Simple from afar, complex in detail.

The method of joinery takes advantage of the lively the expansion and the contraption of the birch. Combining this movement with the dovetail, a traditional method of wood joinery, makes for an interesting take on materiality.

By themselves, the pieces warp. Flipping one half of the cut planks creates a S-curve in the granular pattern. This now S-shaped plank is forced sideways into another dovetail, and as it continues to warp, it interlocks the two components with one another.

The shelf is essentially made of just one tree, commenting on a societal loss of respect for material and offering an altruistic approach to furniture design – respecting material properties, treating them as features rather than obstacles.

Project info
Otto Raud