Seaweed Steam Blancher

For a possible future protein source

I designed a steam blancher for seaweed in ash that can be placed directly on the stove inspired by the classic bamboo steamers. The construction is tied together by steel wire.

Blanching is when you dip the selected vegetable in boiling water for a short time to maintain the nutrition and extend the shelf life of the vegetable.

By 2060, we will probably exceed 10 billion people on earth and one of our biggest challenges will be food. How should we produce more food than we do today?

A possible future protein source, which is sustainable, is seaweed. The seaweed market has long been established in the Asian market, as many dishes contain seaweed in various forms.

What prevents people from growing seaweed is the post-harvest process. You need room to store seaweed and various stations for processing. This is a large cost that many smaller productions can not afford. The steam blancher solves these problems.

The concept of this compact steam blancher is that you pour water into the bottom aluminium container and put the steam blancher on top of a stove.