The analog scale

To avoid technical waste in the kitchen and while making food, a concept of an analog letter scale was taken up and applied to a kitchen scale. The user must spend more time interacting with the product, caring for it and getting to know how it works. This leads them to develop a closer relationship with this inanimate object of utility and learn to appreciate it more. Due to the stainless steel and hardwood walnut finish, the scale is guaranteed to last for a long time. As a result, this analog kitchen scale can be passed down from generation to generation, increasing its lifespan compared to a digital kitchen scale. Nevertheless, the digital scale has an advantage: the speed of use. To compensate for that, the captivating design of an old letter scale was taken up, making the extra effort of using it more fascinating and enjoyable for the user.

Project info
Sabrina Zetzsche
Presskit (7.62 MB)