Rolling Time

Desk calendar

People use desk calendar to track time, which seems to be natural and reasonable. However, we need to change our paper calendar every year, which is really a waste of resources. Time is not recyclable, but the way we track it could be recycled. This time, a new way to record time was designed – Rolling time is a calendar which allows us to track time in a sustainable way.

Different from paper calendar, it is entirely made of aluminum, we can use it every day, every month and every year.

Rolling time consists of three parts, one date board with month and weekday groove, one hexagon gear to show the month and one seven-pointed gear to show the weekdays. For tracking time, you just need to roll the weekday gear everyday and roll the month gear every month, which is even more remarkable than digital calendar or paper calendar since you have interactions. By rolling the gear on the curve, you can feel how time flies.

Project info
Jinglin Wang