educational bin

Re-new is an educational bin designed for kindergarten children to raise awareness of waste and the importance of recycling and reuse. This project was born from the idea of combining the reuse of Toyota forklift waste elements with the company’s own ideals and principles. Toyota believes in minimising waste and reusing most products and materials at the end of their life cycle, pursuing the principles of the circular economy.

Re-new wants to bring children closer to this same concept, giving them the opportunity to reuse and understand the new value that waste can have by reusing it on a small scale in their daily lives. Through this recycling bin consisting of two main elements, children can play by learning how to create new value from waste. Toyota’s main waste element is the one that outlines the most playful part of the product. The use of a tube that can rotate on itself has been used as an exploratory and educational element for children, combining it with pictures and writings that help them understand how to correctly dispose of a specific waste for recycling.

Underneath the product itself, three different tools are integrated to recycle the waste that the children have thrown into the bins at the top: one tool to create recycled paper, one to create recycled plastic and one to create new materials from food waste. The children are guided in learning how to recycle and create new materials by simple do-it-yourself recipes on the sides of the product.

Re-new thus aims to raise awareness among the younger generation about reuse and the value of waste, teaching them the importance of this from an early age. Thanks to the collaboration with Toyota, it was possible to reuse the waste itself to make the product and to outline its conceptual guidelines.


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Benedetta Carusso
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