Ceramic planting pots and seedling trays for herb growing

Traditional herb growing in sheds uses large quantities of disposable plastic seedling trays and planting trays, resulting in the production of large amounts of plastic waste. In order to convert part of the linear process into a circular and sustainable process in a possible and logical way, improvements are needed to reduce the amount of waste generated and to increase the recycling of items throughout the system, making the whole growing process easier. Pénr is an appliance for seedlings and growing herbs in greenhouses. It consists of ceramic planting pots and seedling trays, which are more conducive to maximum plant permeability and inhibit bacterial growth than traditional plastic seedling growing pots, and it is easier for growers to flexibly adjust the number of seedling/growing pots required to their needs at any time than plastic one-piece seedling trays. Most importantly, it replaces traditional disposable plastic cavity trays and seedling trays, reducing pollution in the herb growing process and making herb growing in the shed greener and easier.

Project info
Zixian Lyu
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