An ovulation test kit which analyzes hormone levels in saliva.

Ottar is a portable ovulation test kit that consists of a foldable paper test, a reader, and a user-friendly application. Its purpose is to analyze the daily levels of estrogen and luteinizing hormone in saliva, enabling accurate decoding of the menstrual cycle and the fertile window to assist women in planning or preventing pregnancy. For optimal precision, the test should be taken every day within a specific four-hour timeframe, between 5 am and 2 pm.

Detecting the fertile window and ovulation can be approached in various ways, and using multiple methods is recommended for women who use fertility awareness and natural family planning. Through years of clinical practice, it has been established that saliva testing is the most accurate method for measuring the body’s hormone levels. Unlike blood and urine, saliva reveals the bioavailable and unbound hormone levels. Furthermore, saliva testing is not only precise but also non-invasive and painless for women.

Studies show that fertility awareness and natural family planning methods can be up to 99% effective if followed precisely. The effectiveness is the same as the most effective birth control on the market – however, these methods require more responsibility from women. So to assist women in making informed decisions about reproduction, I wanted to develop a device to help women observe, confirm and track their cycles more accurately.

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