One Size Fits Men

A reflection on gender biased design

One Size Fits Men is a project that originated from ideas about gender-biased design, widely covered by Caroline Criado Perez in her book Invisible Women. Human-Centred Design sounds like a non-discriminatory approach to designing everyday devices, But most of the time, products and services are designed for men and later re-adapted for women. Societies throughout the world still assume that men are the default setting and women are an afterthought, resulting in products and technologies that are described as gender-neutral. In reality, they meet males’ needs but fall short of suiting other gender identities like females. These design decisions impact women’s safety, health, and time. The project, a series of mugs with evident use problems, wants to underline the gendered perception of the world and stress the difficulties women have to face daily.

Project info
Beatrice Fidone