Mulching Sheet

A sustainable alternative to grow healthy plants.

The product is proposed as an alternative to the plastic mulching sheet that is used on farms. The purpose of a mulching sheet is to cover the land during farming to suppress the growth of weeds and protect the barren land during harsh climatic conditions which would lead to the soil losing its nutrients. Currently, the plastic mulching sheet is widely used on farms around the world. However, using plastic has a lot of environmental repercussions, including the presence of microplastic in our food.

The design proposes an alternative material; burlap in combination with linen. A good mulching sheet should be breathable, light to carry, have a long life and should absorb moisture. The burlap is used as a base for its longevity and UV resistance whereas, linen compensates for the burlap’s inability to store moisture which is critical for keeping the soil healthy. Additionally, the linen layer reflects sunlight and it can be embroidered to create a guiding path for sowing the seeds.

Project info
Arati Dhakal