A stone mill which is friendly to the modern kitchen

Nowadays, people take electric machines for granted, yet rarely question where the energy that drives them is coming from. To encourage people to invest their human power into grinding foods, I redesigned the traditional millstone.

The combination of wood and stone brings us serendipity. The use of wood reduces the cost and difficulty of producing smaller indents. These indents used to be the most difficult part when carving on the stone. Now, the grinding discs can be cut from the discarded stone slab in the countertop market instead of from a thick rock. Also, simple connections between the wood and stone make it easier to renew the stone discs after long-time use.

I hope that Mo can encourage people to grind food with human energy instead of using electricity. When their muscles feel sore, they will understand the preciousness of the energy on our planet and follow a more responsible consumption lifestyle.

Project info
Feiyu Wu
Presskit (405.15 KB)