Manual Coffee Maker

All-in-one coffee maker that can easily be taken everywhere

Coffee, thanks to fika, is a huge common habit in Sweden, mainly consumed at home or work.

Nature and coffee lovers often brew themselves a coffee while hiking in the forest or on a mountain. It brings energy, joy and makes people focus. Brewing coffee while travelling should be a proper ritual, either a time for oneself or a shared experience. However, the problem is always having to bring either already ground coffee beans or a separate manual coffee grinder with beans, a separate filter chamber and a random cup. For this reason we needed to rethink that ritual in a more sustainable way, represented by only one product that can be taken everywhere.

Made only out of wood and metal, this new manual coffee maker allows you to manually grind beans and pour them into a filter chamber. After grinding, you pour hot water from the top and the coffee is made by dripping into the glass. The whole product is foldable in order to reduce space and weight, as it is important for travelers. Insert the grinder backward into the glass and slide the inverted filter chamber on top of it and you will have a condensed all-in-one coffee maker.

Project info
Alexandre Vacher
Presskit (12.18 MB)