Crates for the bakers to deliver to their local partners

Can you smell the freshly baked bread? It comes from these crates prepared by a Swedish bakery to be delivered to its local partner. Whether in a restaurant or the staff cafeteria, you can now enjoy good quality bread. 

It is easier in Sweden to buy baked goods in the supermarket than to find a handcrafted bakery to go to. As a staple food, they are the perfect example of what must embody quality. Yet, industrial packaged slices contain cereals farmed with pesticides, over-refined, and mixed with additives like sugar. They are therefore poorly nutritional and even unhealthy. On the contrary, bread with mixed/whole flour and organic seeds is very nutritious and much tastier. 

These two size-crates are for the baker to package and deliver thanks to a returnable system. The restaurants or canteens display the loaves, lunch sandwiches, and pastries to highlight the local business partnership and advertise the bakery. Swedes enjoy and get used to freshly baked bread over the industrial option. Hopefully, they even get the idea of visiting the baker’s shop themselves!

Project info
Margot Landry
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