A shelving system inspired by the paradoxical philosophy of brutalism

Inter is a shelving system consisting of two shelves where the form plays with the same expression. These shelves share a common visual identity, but their unique characters are expressed through their different shapes. Inter functions as a standalone unit, but they complement each other and provide the opportunity to create dynamic wall arrangements. The design is inspired by brutalism, an architectural movement that flourished in the mid-20th century.

Brutalism was characterized by its focus on functionality, which sharply contrasts with Inter’s overall goal – to serve as a pure aesthetic decoration.

Inter is sandblasted and water-cut in 3mm aluminum, and this choice of material further accentuates its lightweight nature and elegant appearance while retaining the visual language of brutalism. Aluminum as a material balances the rawness of brutalist aesthetics with a newfound lightness, something that was not typical of the original style dominated by concrete.

It highlights the palpable contrast between brutalism’s original emphasis on functionality and Inter’s current role as an elegant and lightweight decoration. The result is that Inter masters the visual language of brutalism while challenging its fundamental philosophy by integrating it into an exciting context.

Project info
Astrid Gutzeit Nyström
Presskit (32.85 MB)