Gravity Container

for Zero-Waste Stores

In order to help with the big packaging waste problem in the food industry, a new concept for containers in zero-waste stores was created. With the help of this in-store packaging solution, customers can fill up their own reusable jars/containers and therefore avoid single-use packaging.

The research for this project showed that currently used gravity containers have usage problems and things often get stuck. This concept includes a new mechanism that solves those problems as well as a more sustainable material choice.

The turning mechanism allows easy handling by the customer. Turning the mechanism towards yourself makes the product flow out – when it’s released, the mechanism automatically jumps back to the closed position. In contrast to previous solutions, the containers are made of metal instead of plastic. This material choice is not only a more sustainable solution but also makes the containers more resistant and easier to clean.

The concept also leaves space for further development; the mechanism is screwed onto the container it can also be easily changed to other solutions like a pumping mechanism for liquid products.

Project info
Melanie Walder
Presskit (14.69 MB)