A cold smoker celebrating Sami culture traditions

Gather is a cold smoker for small scale production, which celebrates the traditional Sami way of living where nature is respected and cared for and knowledge of the old ways of food preparation is cherished. The smoker creates a gathering point where knowledge about food preservation, traditions and food culture can be passed on between generations and different cultures. The purpose of smoking food is to both extend shelf life and refine food on a local level. In our modern society where we are used to supermarkets, electricity and individual owning, knowledge of the traditional ways is forgotten. To eat more sustainably we need to reconnect with the old ways and embrace the slow food culture. The design is focused on using local and recyclable materials, using as few materials as possible and designing for disassembly. The product has a modern feel for the urban society but has inspiration drawn from the Sami culture.

Project info
Paulina Andersson
Presskit (8.49 MB)