Foraging KIT

Mushroom knife & basket

Foraging is as old as humankind. It is a uniquely primal experience to walk through a forest and collect plants to eat. It simply means gathering food in the wild. More than half of Sweden is covered in forest, where you can find berries, mushrooms and other forage-able culinary delights which are growing seasonally. Foraging has been a way of surviving since ancient times and nowadays it is an activity that strengthens the bond between human and nature.

In the late summer and early autumn, when it is mushroom season, the forest is full of crops and two of the most important things you will need when foraging is a hand tool for harvesting and somewhere to store your findings.

The basket is made from field grass which is dried in a barn at a farm in Skåne, Vittjö. Michael Ritter, who is a basket maker, helped me with the grass weaving, which is one of the oldest ways of braiding a basket.

The mushroom knife has a two-sided blade, one that is straight and one that is curved. For a more optimal reap, a curved blade is better because it makes it easier to get to the stem when you are cutting. And you can still use the knife for outdoor cooking by using the straight blade.

Both a sustainable lifestyle and choice of materials.

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Martina Claesson
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