Food Saver

Conserving our precious food

Still, millions of people in this world are suffering from hunger, while others are wasting food. If we did not let any food go to waste, we could feed at least double the amount of people living on earth and also greenhouse gasses would decrease significantly. Food should be treated as the precious thing it is, but it happens to the best of us that food goes bad. We don’t manage to eat it in time and we have to throw it away. The chemical process behind the spoiling of the food is exposure to oxygen and light. 

To create the optimal storage solution the Food Saver can adapt to the content we put inside. The lid can be pulled outside and pushed down, so that we get the optimal size for different kinds of goods. Being pushed down the lid allows air to escape in order to shrink, but as soon as the desired size is reached the lid closes. The container is made out of ceramic, going back to the materials our ancestors have used and away from the toxic plastic. It will keep the content dark and cool. To tell how much that is left inside you can look at the state of the string which is hanging outside. The project is questioning the way we handle the storage and consumption of food.

Project info
Luisa Wirth