Floating Basket

A basket aimed to be used while harvesting seaweed

The aim was to get ordinary individuals to source seaweed locally and sustainably. While getting to know seaweed harvester, Linnéa Sjögren, owner of the company Catxalot, I recognized the lack of specific equipment to ease seaweed harvesting. The result became a basket made out of cork which floats on water. The reason for the compartments is that different species can easily be tangled up with each other and be hard to separate which is an issue if you want to preserve or cook them separately. The biggest compartment is for species that are a bit stiff and they can be placed along the shape. A linen strap with a carabiner comes with the basket and connects it to the harvester. The strap operates as external cognition since the harvester does not need to worry about the basket floating away.

The basket, together with a cork lid, functions as storage for the seaweed between the sea and the home while keeping the seaweed from drying (cork is impenetrable for liquids and gasses). Cork does not absorb odors and is highly antiseptic. Besides, this material is renewable.

We need to encourage new ways of sourcing nutritious food, and to ease that activity with specific tools is crucial for continuance.

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Love Persson