A ceramic tea maker

Floatea is a tea maker suitable for single person and shared scenes. Through the buoyancy of cork, it can be applied to brew tea water in different containers. The appearance of the ceramic filter element is easy to clean and also has aesthetic value. The posture when it is used, makes making tea more fun and attractive. The basic structure part of Floatea is derived from a traditional tea bag. By introducing new materials into this traditional structure, Floatea achieves the advantages of being suitable for different tea containers and being environmentally friendly and durable. Ceramic is a kind of material suitable for local life and is more suitable for small batch customized production. Instead of using mass-produced products that rely on global shipping, local businesses can customize different colors to suit their needs. Thanks to the buoyancy of cork, Floatea can be used in containers at different depths, greatly improving its applicability.

Project info
Junyi Lyu
Presskit (8.92 MB)