A modular chair

We see more and more personalization when it comes to design, but often customizing comes with a large price tag. I wanted to investigate if it would be possible to design a modular system of mass-produced parts, that still allows for customizability. I chose to focus on designing a modular dining chair that lets the consumer combine different parts to make it fit their home, style and needs.

The aim has been to design a system with a limited number of parts, but with several possible combinations. It was important that all parts fit with any other part to make it flexible. This modular system could be an inspiration for keeping furniture pieces longer since you can update the chair whenever desired. For example, if you choose a version with an upholstered seat, but later would like to have a wooden chair, you can buy a wooden seat to update the chair. This way, you do not have to buy a whole new chair which is both economical and environmentally friendly.

The final result EMBRACE consists of 2 seats (wooden & upholstered), 2 wooden back rests (slim & high), 2 connectors (arm rest & L-shape) and one set of legs. These parts can be combined in 10 different ways including classic, minimal and unique options. Thanks to the updating possibilities, EMBRACE can stay and change with you even when life changes.

Project info
Renée Risberg