Coffee scoop

During the introduction of the project, we visited many local companies. Among them was Solde Kafferosteri in Malmö, which produces eco-friendly and fair trade coffee for the surrounding area. During an interview with them, complaints about the current coffee scoops came up. Therefore, I set myself the goal of developing a more ergonomic, eco-friendly and emotionally appealing coffee scoop. During the project, numerous functional and design models were made for tests and analyses. The final prototype stands out with its minimalistic, geometric look, by using a very strict corporate design. The shovel is made of locally sourced beech wood that has been milled and then treated with beeswax. It is made of purely natural materials and can be used in food production without any problems. In case of wear and tear, the surface can be easily treated without any loss of quality. Compared to competing products, it is more durable, more comfortable to hold and does not emit microplastics.

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Thorben Westendorf
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