Conic Falafel Bread Project

This project is an investigation of the habits of making, serving and eating falafel. Malmö is self-elected capital of falafel in Sweden and falafel is a traditional Middle Eastern food. The first Swedish falafel was possibly sold in Lund in 1985 and falafel came to Malmö in 1988. There are between 30-60 falafel places in Malmö and all of them wrap their falafel rolls into either paper and plastic bag or aluminum foil. The aim of this project was to make a more sustainable falafel bread. The project was executed along with the producers to make it as realstic as possible. The result is a conic falafel bread which can be rolled form a circle into a cone with a conic wooden tool after being baked for small scale production, and baked into a cone with a machine for big scale production.

Project info
Sofie Håwi