Chicken Hotel

Healthy soil with chickens assistance

To have rich soil and grow healthy vegetables, we need to maintain the relationship between livestock and arable lands. Animals, such as poultry, clean farmland after harvesting and fertilizing it with their manure, and also they eat pests inside the manure of other animals. Currently, farmers are making use of this by moving the livestock around on their lands with animal tractors, which are movable cages mostly made for spacious farms.

Chicken Hotel was designed to encourage small farm owners to get help from animals for their soil maintenance. When they need assistance from chickens on the land, they can move them from their coop to land in the morning and bring them back in the evening. Hence, there is no need to prison chickens inside uncomfortable chicken tractors. The product also covers their basic needs, such as water, food, a place to lay eggs, and shade to protect them from sun or rain.

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