An ergonomic cheese slicer

During my initial research for the project, one of the factors that caught my attention was that, the catering services in Lund have shifted from using blocks of Gouda cheese to pre-sliced cheese, even though they prefer the quality of cheese blocks. Some of the reasons for this were time consumption of the slicing process, the stickiness of the block cheese and hand strain when using the common cheese slicer.

Related to the overall aim of the project, which was to make local food chain more cyclic and sustainable, use of block cheese requires less energy in manufacturing and promotion of block cheese gives opportunity for small scale local manufacturers. Therefore my aim was to create a simple tool that would help them use cheese blocks again.

The Cheeslicer was designed considering the dimensions of the currently used cheese slice so that the user has an indication for the size of the cheese slice that is required. Its shape was designed so that it creates less friction with the sticky cheese, to hold and to easily transfer it to the slice of bread. Its handle was designed considering ergonomics, so that it is comfortable to use. Also overall shape of the metal head was designed with the aim of harmonizing the cuboidal shape of the cheese block and the organic shape of the ergonomic handle.

Project info
Nilushi Fernando
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