Analogue device for drying apples

Today one of the largest environmental challenges, related to our everyday necessities, is the longevity of fresh and durable foods. The Chapplier focuses on the recognized design opportunity of prolonging the durability of food by analogue manners. Drying food is considered to be one of the oldest known processes for preserving food. Air drying various foods allows for a completely analogue drying process that preserves nutrients significantly better than other modern drying processes. 

This design specifically aims to dry apples, due to their significant connection to the farming culture in southern Sweden. With a design language associated with treetops proudly displaying its ripe apples, the Chapplier acts as a wire chandelier eminently exhibiting the apple slices as diamonds. Thinly sliced apples will be fully dried within two days and preserved for up to a year. By emphasizing a more sustainable mindset in our eating habits and what is considered fresh, environmental challenges can be conquered. 

Project info
Celine Adolfsson