Buffalo Bike

Buffalo Bike the a cargo bike

A Cargo bike for people working with park and city maintenance, giving them a small and nimble alternative to bigger vans.

Through interviews and workshops together with Lund Kommun’s park and city maintenance crews, I gained insights into how they work and what features they value in their vehicles. Many of their new hires don’t have manual driver’s licenses, meaning that managers currently, spend a significant portion of time driving them and their equipment around. This leads to frustration and a lack of independence among the workers.

Buffalo Bike is a cargo bike made to give back the freedom to the maintenance personnel, letting them bring all the tools they need on every single ride.

The bike allows for bigger tools like wheelbarrows to be stored on top, with battery-powered tools placed in the drawer below, protected from rain. Lastly, smaller shovels and gloves have their home in the drawer at the bottom of the bike.

Project info
Johan Elmdahl