Betula - from root to leaf

The birch is part of our cultural heritage. The tree has been an essential resource due to its flexible and functional properties.

Historically we have used what nature could offer. Local conditions, vegetation and climate formed our lives. The resources were vital and carefully used. With time, a shift occurred leading to the globalization of today. The local resources have been overrun by the global. Production generates by-products that are wasted. We face a challenging future.

I have explored a local natural resource to inspire new thinking within industry. Starting from the birch, I have investigated different uses for the material in a design context. As inspiration rather than a protest, I want to show the possibilities with our natural material. The project can be seen as a tribute to nature, and a research about material. It should not be seen as an answer to our future production. Rather a reflection about the time we live in.

Project info
Karin Ridderstolpe