A supporting tool kit for pedagogical gardening with children in school.

Not everyone is provided the opportunity to learn about cooking from scratch or about gardening during their upbringing. The more knowledge there is about cooking your own food, the more likely it becomes that the appeal of fast food can be subdued and hopefully result in sustainable food consumption. Teaching children about gardening food by providing them with knowledge on our food print, with the aim to make good future choices, is a way to act proactively and leads to more sustainable food consumption in the long-term. 

When working with kids, things have a tendency to get lost or misplaced. Therefore the gardening tools are designed to be a part of a gardening station where they can be stacked while hanging. Having an assigned place is preventing the tools from getting lost. Making both cleaning up and organizing easier. The different colors make it easy for teachers to divide the children into color coordinated groups.

The gardening tools Botanicals support teachers to practice pedagogical gardening with children in the ages of 7-10. It acts as a vehicle for educating, engaging and inspiring children about gardening food as an interdisciplinary mission. It teaches children about sustainability in a hands-on and approachable way, showing the accessible opportunities to improve our food print by keeping the cycle of food close.

Project info
Klara Blomsterberg