Bean sprouting kit

Ba is a sprouting kit that helps you grow bean sprouts quickly and with food safety hygiene. It’s no longer restricted by environment or temperature since the material can provide enough moisture during the process. The sprouting kit is produced by simply seeding the surface and self-watering.

All you need is ​​to fill the pod with water until you reach the indicated level. The pod’s volume is perfect for growing any plant to the microgreen stage. No soil, hemp, or any other dirty fibers or cloth. It’s reusable, and saves cost and waste due to continuous harvesting.

The trays on each pod are designed with 3D structured Grid lines, which easily hold any seed size. The straight lines are also effortless to clean and can be harvested by sliding. No growing medium is required, only add seeds and water once at the start, no daily watering is needed.

Project info
Trang Thuy Nguyen
Presskit (12.31 MB)