Reflectors are highly necessary part of bike and it ensures users safety for riders in the night. But it also have a negative impact on environment. Since it’s made out of plastic it works fine regardless of any given environment. But it also gets worse with time. When plastic properties fades away, it loses the capability of reflection. So the user needs to go for the brand new set of reflectors. It’s so obvious that plastic waste can be recycled. But produces lot of toxic waste and expensive process too.

Here is a solution. The idea is to make reflectors with aluminum to get rid of plastic usages. When it goes old or oxidation or fading, it can be repolished. Moreover, if it’s broken, it can be melted and pour it in the mold to regain the new reflector. It can be done by giving the old or broken aluminum parts of the reflector to the local workshop to make it. This way we can reduce generating waste and help improving local employment opportunities.

Project info
Sathishkumar Madheswaran