Twice – Ankle Brace for Mountain Bikers

Twice is an ankle brace designed specifically for mountain bikers, twice as fast in the dressing time, with twice the protections.

In the world of mountain biking, wearing protective gears is a must. A product that lies within this category is the ankle brace, mainly used to prevent lateral sprains caused by crashes or heavy landings. Given current products imperfection, it seems at first glance that bike brands simply have created a carbon copy of these products. They often will take them from the medical industry without having iterated on it or developed it for this specific biking industry and its uses. This project firstly aimed to understand if this was the case, and secondly to develop a more specific and improved product, both in terms of usability and safety. By the end of the project, I realized an ankle brace able to achieve both of these goals, with validations from laboratory tests and from professional athletes on the field. The brace delivers improved protection again sprains and adds a protection against impacts, while taking a fraction of the time to be worn. Twice as fast, twice the protections.

Project info
Lajolo Riccardo