Rhino Hasaki Kitchen Knife

In this introduction to surfacing in Rhino you will learn how to create a swept surface, cut with surfaces and freely manipulate surfaces with points. All the tools used exist under the Surface and Standard tabs above the command line.

To practice and as an example you will be adding the edge to a kitchen knife.


Rhino Files for of Hasaki Kitchen Knife


1. Download the above file as an example and make sure Osnaps, Gumball, layers panel and selection filters are active. You will want to make sure that you have at least the end and near Osnaps turned on. Make sure to have Grid Snap turned off. You will find details about this in #1 Rubiks Cube.

Double click the Exercise Model > Base layer to make it the current layer

2. Using Line (tool) create a line that represent the bevel of the edge. Use the top view to use the picture as guidance.

** Note: You can find the picture opacity under the Materials tab by the Layers tab in the right menu.

If you find the line is not on the surface, simply take the point and drag it to where it should be.

3. Copy (CTRL + C) and paste (CTRL+ V) this line. Select it and, using the Gumball click the green rotate line and rotate it 90 degrees.

4. Use the Move (tool) to move the copied line to the other side of the knife.

5. Use the Sweep1 (tool)

First select the rail

Then select the cross section curves

Press ENTER or SPACE to confirm. Keep the settings as default

6. Turn the control points of the surface on selecting this surface and using PointsOn (tool).

**Note: You may need to turn off the Polysurfaces selection filter to easily select your cutting surface.

7. Select both (SHIFT + Click) end control points of the surface. Click the green gumball arrow and move the points -1.7mm.

Select only the top point and move it back with the green arrow 1mm

8. Now use BooleanSplit (tool) to slice away the bevel.

First select the surface to split (i.e. the knife blade). Press SPACE or ENTER to confirm.

**Note: If you cannot select this make sure you turned back on the Polysurface selection filter

Finally, select the surface to cut with (i.e. the surface we just made). Press SPACE or ENTER to confirm.

**Note: if your split fails it is likely that your cutting surface does not completely intersect the knife blade. You will need to drag the bottom control point downward to ensure it does.

9. Now clean up and delete the surface and the slice by selecting each and pressing DELETE.