Project submission guide

Submission Process

In order to submit a Project you first need to register an account. Once your registration is approved by an administrator, you will get notified through email and then you can start to submit your Project from the Account page.

Please do read up on our Project submission guidelines below, before you submit your Project for approval. We look forward to see your latest Projects.

Submission Basics (Student)

You register your account and create your Project directly on our website, utilizing the WordPress CMS (Content Management System). Here are the basic steps to create and submit a new Project for review.

  • Once registered and logged in to the CMS, select Add New under Projects menu option.
  • Add a suitable Title and add text, images and other contents as you see fit.
  • Add a few keywords at bottom of your text. E.g. Keywords: foodtech, sustainability, smart home
  • Make sure to fill out all the fields marked as mandatory under Project Custom Fields too. This includes adding one (or more) Project Images. Also associate your Project with the proper Exhibition.
  • You can choose to upload Press Kit files which can be PDF files and or image files.
  • Then look at the right hand column, and fill out a short Excerpt that will be visible in search results.
  • When ready, click the blue button in the upper right corner, Submit for Review.

Image Recommendations

There is no need to set a Featured Image for your Project. Instead, the first Project Image you add will be used to showcase your Project in our Gallery.

Regarding image format and sizes, we suggest to scale your images for web purposes where file size is of importance.

  • Maximum Image size: 1920×1280 px
  • Recommended Image file quality: 72 DPI
  • Recommended Image file formats: JPG and PNG
  • Maximum files size: 500 KB, but we recommend less than 200KB.

Also, when you upload a new Project image, please make sure it has the proper meta information like description and alt-text, used by screen readers or displayed if image for some reason cannot be displayed.

Video Recommendations

Feel free to add Video content to your Project, but then you need to upload and make it public somewhere else (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo or similar). If you do have a video available then you can add it as an embedded file, i.e. not a file upload) like this:

  • Select the + sign when editing your Project. Write Video (or YouTube, or Vimeo) in the search field, choose the appropriate block and then add the link to your video under embed from URL.

Other Notes and Tips

You can save your Project as a draft at anytime, and continue editing it later.

Selected Students have additional access levels in the CMS and can support you in editing your Project’s content. Just reach out to get assistance.

Project Approval (Staff Member)

Once you have submit your Project for review, a LUSID staff member will notified to take on the task to review it. In addition to general content review they will also associate the Project with the corresponsing Type of Project and Course Program. Once your Project is approved, you will get notified through email and your Project will be listed in our Gallery on our website.