Physical computing – RGB LED ring tutorial

Programmable NeoPixel RGB LED ring with FastLED

You’ll learn how to create variable effect for indicators or interfaces. How to control animations on a NeoPixel RGB LED ring using the FastLED Arduino library.

Length 00:03:01

This tutorial explains how to set up a NeoPixel ring with 1. a CdS photoresistor for ambient light sensing and dimming, 2. a tactile button momentary switch to change the effect direction and 3. a trim potentiometer so you can adjust the colours on the fly. A solution that can be further changed/enhanced with any sensor input to develop interesting visual user interface feedback elements.

While the electronic circuit is usually very straightforward, the “magic” in physical computing projects happens always in the code. So, please see the GitHub link to the BOM, the schematic, and extensively commented code that you can easily adapt and recycle in your own projects. Often, there’s a useful code concept or code snippet that you can use for an entirely different design, because it’s a fundamental principle.

If you want to learn about good soldering, this seven minute vintage video is still the best of them all.