LED lighting – Cordless COB LED light for 3,5h @ 357lm

Get off the grid and cut the cord

How to drive a high-CRI SMD LED from a rechargeable 3,7V Li-Po battery for 3,5 hours at full brightness. You will learn to understand and build one of four high-power high-CRI LED set-ups for portable cordless LED lights or lanterns.

Length 2:57

Battery powered high quality LED lighting is used on balconies and terraces, in gardens and parks, on outdoor and hiking trips, and on restaurant tables – anywhere where cables are a nuisance, limiting freedom of use. The set-up shown here can be charged with any Micro USB charger. For around 10h uptime, simply connect a Li-Po battery with 10000mAh capacity (do not use Li-Ion batteries with this type of charger).

You will find the list of parts, BOM and wiring schematic at GitHub.

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