Alias 3D modelling tutorial – Stahlrohrstuhl 118

Rhino users can apply the same modeling strategies, too

Length 1:08:35

You are going to learn about the initial setup, patch layout, curve and surface creation process as well as CV manipulation. The result will be a finished model with G2 continuity where appropriate. Marking menus or special command sequences are deliberately not featured here, so you can learn where the tools to be used are located, and what their basic settings are. You can later customise your workflow to suit on your own.

Rhino and other NURBS surface modeling software users can follow the same modeling strategy; the main issue in any software is to find a good patch layout, meaning where the main curves and surfaces shall go and where to use theoretical intersections and overbuilding, common techniques. The tools may have different names and settings, but the principles remain the same.