The question of what is the ultimate essential sentiment of human experience, which has been either deliberately or accidentally projected on the objects we create, lingered in every process of making since the first spark of human intelligence. It is unlikely that any effort will ever reach far enough to a concrete answer, having witnessed what we, the capricious species, can transform ourselves into even with the slightest change of context. Still, the history of creation shows rarely that the desire to resolve has ever been undermined by our versatility, on the contrary, the greater the changes, the stronger the urge. It is possible to say that this question narrates design as a profession.

The exhibition features seventeen works from the first-year MA students at Lund University School of Industrial Design. Through the lens referred as nakedness, we look for the primal intention and the natural state of being in our world of design, and reflect our unique thoughts on the human living experience in this changing time. Works featured in the exhibition elaborate on common objects people engage regularly, and originated their concepts from a variety of topics, ranging from the integration of undisguised human image to the reinterpretation of outside subject matters. Tied together by the title “Naked”, this collection of objects unveils what we put forward as the possible initiative to answer the question, and what we truly hold dear in our individual or collective experience as designers.

Naked will be exhibited at Via Marsala 4, during the Milan design week 2022.