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General Information for the LUSID website

Aside from the different website pages, The LUSID website content is structured in a set of customized post types. Each post type can only be edited by a given access role. The Post Types and Acces Roles are:

Post Type / Role Student Student – Editor Staff Staff – Admin
News No No C E S P C E S P
Exhibitions No No C E S P C E S P
Yearbooks No No C E S P C E S P
Tutorials No No C E S P C E S P
Projects C E S C E S* C E S P C E S P*
Create (C), Edit (E), Submit (S), Publish (P)

NOTE: A Student-Editor can edit others’ Projects too. However, only Staff and Staff-Admin can publish and delete Projects. Staff-admin receive system emails (e.g. project approval requests), whereas Staff do not.

Editing Content on Lusid Website

Each post type has a certain set of fields to be filled out before publishing, elaborated on below.


Only standard WordPress fields for News. Write a title, add text and images. Add suitable categories, a featured image and an excerpt.


In addition to the standard WordPress fields, Exhibition post type has a few extra custom fields to be filled out where sub title and year are mandatory. Also, you need to select a Location for the Exhibition.


Add text and image as you see fit. Attach the yearbook under custom field labelled PDF.


Utilize the standard WordPress items of title, text and images. Then categorize the Tutorial using Skills & Categories.


Projects specifically, have a special submission process defined to allow for student submissions and staff approvals. Read more…

General WordPress Documentation

Please find below general documentation useful when working with WordPress websites and content.