staying overnight in nature

YAWN is a bundle that contains a hammock, a tarp and a woolen blanket. Hammock and tarp are set up between two trees. The tarp is placed over the hammock to protect from rain, sun and wind. The most versatile piece is the woolen blanket. The blanket can be transformed into an underquilt, attached under the hammock during colder nights. It gives additional warmth wherever needed: by the fire, laying in the hammock or whilst watching the sunrise.

With YAWN I want to inspire people to integrate micro adventures into their daily life, like sleeping outdoors in the middle of the week. Waking up in nature, the morning all to yourself, before heading back to work. One night in nature, does not require a lot of gear, knowledge, money or time, and it should be easy.

The outdoor community today can be exclusive which holds people back from even trying outdoor adventures. YAWN is less technical, easy to set up and is therefore suitable for beginners. YAWN’s colorful design brings playfulness into a world of functionality. The woolen blanket adds a more cosy aesthetic compared to usual synthetic gear. The hammock and the tarp can be rented which makes it accessible to more people. The blanket becomes your own and reminds you at home of all your nights in the wild.

For the prototype, a blanket from Klippan Yllefabrik was used and adjusted. The pattern for the blanket that I designed for YAWN is shown in the rendering below.

Blanket used for the prototype by Klippan Yllefabrik.

Keywords: microadventure, outdoors, camping, outdoor gear, hammock

Photos: Mikael Holgersson

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Katharina Wohlleben
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