Experiments of curating indoor objects with a quilted fabric system

The purpose of this project is to explore the relationship between people and their home environment. In modern apartments with limited space, the distinct silhouette of individual furniture becomes blurred when they are placed alongside numerous other objects. Sometimes, people unintentionally overlap or layer these items, further blurring their boundaries.

Inspired by this observation, I began experimenting with textiles to actively merge various objects found in living areas. The system I developed is based on layers of stitched patterns. A plaid pattern is used to enhance the overall appearance, secure the puffy batting, and allow for cutting or folding in different directions.

Lone lines can be transformed into straps for wrapping, while closed shapes are incorporated to ensure the joint furniture piece maintains its original functionality. The soft silhouettes from quilted fabric offer possibilities for interactions between people and the objects.

Project info
Junhan Zhang