Wooden Whisky Tumbler

While carving wooden cups for a more enjoyable coffee and its specific haptic and patina properties, a transformation into a whisky tumbler happened.

Whiskey is surrounded by wood during its entire aging process in the typical oak barrels. After the aging, one way to serve whiskey is in a short, wide glass called tumbler or rock glass.

This tumbler will be stored together with the whiskey in the barrel where it absorbs the taste of the golden liquid. With this intense flavor stored in the wooden rock glass, the gourmet enjoys his whiskey even more with every sip. Moreover by taking away our sense of sight due the fact that wood isn’t transparent, the taste and smell senses will enhance.

And if the whiskey is too tasty and you can’t stop drinking, you can’t be angry the day after about a broken glass tumbler ;).

Project info
Martina Zbinden
Presskit (2.55 MB)