An approach to the revival of a dying Chinese street food culture

Culture are in danger. Globalization provides an extraordinary opportunity for people from different countries and areas communicate with each other, which leads to culture intersection. Different kinds of culture are dying with the impact, remaining pity. Within those culture fading away, one of Chinese street food culture called ‘sugar painting’ or ‘sugar man’ attracts me the most. It was popular even in my childhood but is vanishing now.

Sugar painting now is dying as a result of lack of successors and impact of newly emerging food and foreign food spreading. It will take a long time for green hands to master it, which makes the situation even worse.

Will is a tool that can provides green hands an easy approach to sugar painting. It works like a larger pen with melted sugar inside. User can press it without efforts to suck melted sugar in and draw with it by pressing the sugar out of the tool. Will creates an experience totally different from traditional way. Will is not a tool to replace the normal tools but to provide a change for green hands to feel the charm of sugar painting by offering an easy gained satisfaction and sense of achievement.

Key words: Street food culture inheritance, sugar painting, craftmanship.

Project info
Tong Liu