A modular and mobile conversation pit inspired by prehistoric intimacy

The project started as an exploration of archetypes which are deeply ingrained in the collective consciousness and shape our expectations about appearance, function, and meaning of objects. The goal was to challenge norms in order to propose an idea that goes beyond archetypes.

The final outcome is a mobile, modular conversation pit that challenges archetypes in several ways. It revises the traditional conversation pit, proposes a setting that cheers genuine communication rather than distractions, and encourages people to disconnect from their artificial realities and connect with each other. Inspired by the neolithic living site with a fire pit in the centre of the living area and reminiscent of the symbol of a WI-FI, this conversation pit is a synthesis of the findings from the exploration of archetypes.

The final concept consists of 5 modules that can be arranged in a circle and create a conversation pit, in which the backrests create a border and close people together. Also, these modules can work as separate parts and combinations, while having wheels increases mobility and flexibility. The covering can be taken down and washed or replaced.

Project info
Gabriele Zilinskaite