WANDERPACK is a packaging design project for freeze-dried food meant to be used on long hikes and outdoor expeditions. It is a container, a cooking pot and a bowl in one.

Currently available freeze-dried food products are all very similar, both in looks and function. They are generally non-recyclable, and the production costs of the materials are very high. Thus, there is an incentive to explore new materials and alternative production methods, and to take a second look at how these products work. The project was conducted in collaboration with A&R Packaging and resulted in the following two concepts, both aiming to reduce waste and ease product use:

The pouch – an incremental change to an already established product – requires no new production tooling and has many similarities to existing products. Though slightly different, it is understood immediately by the user.

The triangular model – more of a radical change – breaks new ground and explores new ways to unfold and occupy space.

Both of them are made from recyclable materials like paper and PET and are completely free from aluminum.

Project info
Linus Brorsson