A systemic approach to sustainable product design

In a world full of greenwashing propaganda it can be very difficult to know what actually has a significant impact for sustainable development.

To guide this project, I targeted the two most impactful areas of improvement, measured in possible reduced Carbon Dioxide: Onshore wind turbine generation and Grid scale Solar Photovoltaics (solar power). These two areas have a combined possibility of reduction in CO2 of 267 Gigatons, clearly stating the urgency of trying to implement these solutions as soon as possible. Research on energy grids proved that the generation of the power itself is not the issue, but rather the intermittence of renewable energy. Therefore the opportunity to create a grid balancing system.

The result is called Voltiak: A highly feasible mechanical gravity battery that will store excess renewable energy, to be used in times of need, paving the way for an energy grid entirely reliant on renewable electricity. Voltiak adapts already proven technology and engineering to aid the implementation of renewable energy. The resulting combination of a cogwheel rail system, autonomous drones and waste-filled weights is an unexpected solution in the field of sustainable design.