Vision Goggle

Eye Care Product Concept Design for Computer Vision Syndrome

This project is aimed at peoples eye discomfort caused by prolonged computer use, especially for us who use computers for more than 2 hours a day. The symptoms caused by long screen time are referred to as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), and the two most common ones are dry eyes and eye strain. Therefore, I designed Vision Goggle as a smart eyewear to perceive the eye condition in real time and remind us to use our eyes reasonably, hoping to prevent eye discomfort through early means.

Vision Goggle can monitor the users eye blink status, screen distance and gaze time, and remind us in real time through different vibration feedback, whether to blink eyes (keep the eyes moist), or keep an appropriate screen distance, or take enough breaks, etc. Vision Goggle integrates miniature sensors in a stylish form, and its natural interaction makes it easy to use in work scenarios.

Project info
Yongdong Long