My project “VIATRIX“ deals with the problematic plastic pollution and turns plastic waste into a valuable material.

In nowadays generation, plastic is one of our biggest waste problems, but gladly this is a reason for some to tackle this enviromental pollution. More and more people are working on this problem with bio degredable or easy recycable plastic alternatives. But what happens to all the plastic trash that we accumulated for more than sixty years?
Having this question in my mind I started working on plastic recycling. The material itself has, next to its many negatvie attributes, also many positive attributes, like flexibility and easy handling with different production ways. The problem with plastic and that includes recycled plastic, is the people‘s connection between this material and the image of something cheap and not valuable.
The goal of my project “VIATRIX“ is to change this image of recycled plastic and make this problematic resource an appreciated material.

Project info
Ella Einhell