A bike from Skåne

How would a bike, only constructed from materials sourced from the region of Skåne, look like?

The creation is the result of an experiment where the regional material supply has been the constraint, this limitation has led to a number of unusual material choices, mechanics and forms not often associated with a typical bike. One could wonder if this has been a serious attempt to make a bike or merely an excuse to spend as much time as possible in the workshops.  Either way the process of designing and making this bike has been very rewarding and enjoyable for its creator.

Dependent on whom you are you can either see this work as a new way to produce the things around us, using as much regional materials as possible, or see the work as a praise of the globalized economy, making us less dependent on hide glue and beeswax.

-But does it work?

-No comment.

Project info
Peter Pålsson
3rd year