A portable shelter for urban environments

Homelessness is a state, not a trait. The homeless population consists of people from all walks of life, and each person has their own story to tell. While some suffer from substance abuse, others are homeless only due to financial reasons. In Sweden, people who are sleeping in shelters or on the streets are referred to as acutely homeless. When sleeping on the streets you are exposed to the public, but also to rain, wind, snow and extreme temperatures. Political measures are needed to substantially improve the situation for the acutely homeless in Sweden, but sleeping on the streets is currently a reality for many people in the country. Utveckla aims to make that severe experience more bearable.

Utveckla is a portable shelter for the homeless in Sweden. Discarded cardboard can be slid into pockets on the tarp to make it rigid. Once the tarp is laid on the ground fully unfolded, the user can fold the shelter in ways to form spaces in which to sleep, by connecting velcro strips to each other. For transport, the shelter can be folded into a compact piece which can be carried on the back using straps.

Project info
Elias Cox